Magnetic frame - A0 Format


Magnetic simple frame for posters size A0

Custom-made to our special XXL size of posters, it's also hand-made in Brittany, France.

Wood : Pine
Length : 85 cm
Height of the frame : 2 cm
Magnetic band

Sold without poster

A0 Frames

Our vintage city posters being available in two formats, A2 and 10, we also had to offer you a frame for the XXL A0 format.

Cheap A0 frame

For ease of sending and in order to be able to offer you a means of displaying your A0 poster at a low price, we offer you a hanging frame comprising 4 magnetic wooden strips.

Modern A0 frame

By dispensing with glass, this allows you to frame your poster easily and durably. To do this, simply slide your vintage poster between the two magnetic rods, at the bottom and at the top. A string then allows you to hang your frame using a simple nail.

An A0 frame made in France

This special A0 frame is made in France from solid wood. It can be painted or kept raw.