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Fixer et tendre sa toile de peinture par numéros La Loutre

Nos conseils sur la peinture par numéros !

Our gift selection for a successful Christmas!

Our small selection, for successful decorative Christmas gifts!

Are you struggling to find the gift that will please your great uncle, or your great niece?
That's good, we're giving you a hand to find the product that will make your friend smile and all this for less than 30€!

Si J'Aurais Su, a brand of vintage and 100% French educational posters by La Loutre

Vintage tattoo art poster

A breath of fresh air is blowing on interior decoration with these new educational and educational posters revisited.
Si J'Arais Su is the new little brand of La Loutre. We're changing the graphic universe a bit to bring a breath of fresh air to your interior.

New website for the Loutron(ne)s!

How come you didn't notice anything?
We just had a makeover, it's summer time it was time to change our coat.

DIY: Recycle our vintage poster cardboard tubes!

Several DIY ideas to recycle your cardboard tubes!

As you probably know, at La Loutre we take care to limit unnecessary packaging and plastic materials as much as possible

Wallpaper for your mobile phone

In these times of confinement...

And following many requests, we have decided to provide you with 10 free mobile wallpapers. Our approach is simple, we want to add color to your lives, and what could be better than putting it in a medium that you use every hour. To be honest with you, we're pretty much into not using screens too much, but sometimes we just don't have a choice.

Hanging frame: an original and offbeat idea to display your posters

You'll be hooked, that's for sure!

How to hang your posters in a simple and original way? We found the solution...
This new type of frame is really the object for you!