La Loutre is a French brand focused on home decoration and stationnary, known for its vintage city posters. We love what we do, and we do what we love !

Our concept is to design and illustrate neighboorhoods and cities in a vintage and art deco style. We also add a twist of humour to our prints with our play on words, or humoristic French sentence : A thourough design with a an off-the-wall humour. Our name La Loutre is the litteral translation of The Otter !

You can find our products in more than 200 decoration and concept stores in France. As Otters, we're slowly - but surely - conquering back our world, so we might be crossing borders soon - stay tuned !

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Once upon a time, two good friends with a deep love for Brittany, vintage design and art in general : Cléo & Jeanne. They both met at work and shared a common taste for quality french-made decoration products.
While having an apéro (hear a couple of drinks), the idea to create a stationnary and decoration brand focusing on their favorite cities was going strong !
A couple of months later, April 2017, the first poscard of Saint-Malo was out, and then Dinard, Vannes, Carnac and so on... Quickly, stores and customers were asking for bigger sizes and other cities - La Loutre was up and running well !
Our collection is now made of 200 different cities across the world and 6 different categories of products.
Stay tuned as we won't be stopping our adventures anytime soon


Meet our - small - big team !

La Loutre is made of 4 french(wo)men, all in their 30's.
Jungling between this amazing professional adventure and our family time, we all have busy but fun days !
You got it, there's someone missing on this family photo. Éléonore, our accountant (but really our right-hand woman) is like an otter, wild, free and quite shy.
We're very proud of our small team, and happy to keep things simple. It allows us to be reactive and customer-focused.
Don't worry, it's not going to change. 


Project Director

She's in charge of growing our brand and will be in touch with you for any cool new project or idea.



The creative of the pack, she's the one designing all our artwork and prints.


IT & Logistics

He designed and manage our website, he's also picking up the phone to answer all your questions.

La Loutre will always remain a friends-first company.
We do not focus on being the biggest brand in the world... quite the opposite actually !
We work everyday to make La Loutre a cool and fun brand providing quality and trendy products to our beloved customers.

Thanks for reading and loving us, without you La Loutre wouldn't be such an Otter !