Scented Candle - Salt and sea air


Scented Candle - Ode to iodine

Get your matches ready, our candle is coming in a limited quantity of 250! Our winning scent : sea air. Well yes, we thought that not everyone had the chance to live in Brittany by the sea. So count on us to bring you a breath of fresh sea air.

Dimensions : 9 cm high, 7.3 cm in diameter / 180 g excluding container
Ingredients : 100% vegetable wax, much more respectful of the environment.
Cotton wick
Glass container - don't worry, we've got it ready for shipping!

This product being in limited quantity, it is only available on our website.

Created, manufactured and packaged in France!

Scented Candle


The novelty for the end of 2022 is our scented candle illustrated in the colors of La Loutre. A timeless design, with illustrations full of color and joy.

Vegetable Wax

We chose vegetable wax for a question of candle quality, respect for the environment and also because it gives off no smell other than our rigorously selected perfumes. Vegetable wax burns more slowly and emits no harmful black smoke.

Limited quantity

In order to offer a unique product, we limit the quantities produced to 250 copies. This allows us to produce new visuals and candles when all of our stock is gone. You can also collect them, who knows!