Mystery Puzzle - 1000 pcs

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City Jigsaw Puzzle design - Mystery To be Save Puzzle - 1000 pieces

Unfortunately some of our jigsaw puzzles boxes can be damaged due to shipping and storage.
We came up with the idea to offer a lightly damaged puzzle to a reduced price for those who don't mind receiving a perfectly functionning puzzle, with a bit of a rough outisde box.

Don't worry all the pieces are in perfect condition, but the outside box might be dented, damaged or bruised !

By buying this mystery bruised puzzle, you'll be receiving a random puzzle that we'll be picking out from the leftaside puzzle boxes.
And if you receive a puzzle that you already own, that'll make a great gift for one of your friend. We don't accept returns on this mystery puzzle.

Size when completed : 48 x 69 cm
Recommended age : 16 and +

Designed, produced and packaged in France 🇫🇷


100% Made in France

Our products are designed in Brittany and made in France.

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100% Made in France

Made, printed and packaged in Lorraine

100% Made in France

Made, printed and packaged in Lorraine